Captivating Holt Custom Exhibits Build Your Brand. Expert Holt Support Teams Ensure Your Success.

Custom trade show exhibits from Holt create immense brand value and boost your company growth through experiential marketing environments that captivate, engage, and persuade your clients and prospects.

And because your trade show success hinges on executing a complex plan all year round, we’ve assembled a deep team of motivated Account Managers, Creatives, Project and Event managers, Engineers and Fabricators, plus Service Technicians and Travelling Supervisors — all to ensure your shows are on brand, on time, and on budget.

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How Holt Experiential Increases
The Impact Of Your Custom Trade Show Exhibits

modular line art white


Lower Operating Costs
Changeable Booth Sizes

Get brand impact with cost savings. Modular exhibits weigh about 60% less than traditional custom exhibits, saving you substantial money on shipping and drayage. With greater flexibility to change booth sizes and graphic messages.

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Unique Design To Meet
Your Exact Needs

Let us craft a look all your own. Our full custom fabrication shop and detailing team regularly fabricates exhibits from as small as 10′ x 10′ backwalls to as large as 100′ x 100′ islands.
See more about custom fabrication.

rental custom trade show exhibits


Flexible and Cost-Effective
Custom Exhibit Rental

You can rent any design we create. Rental lets you change your look more often, afford a bigger one-show presence, skip approval for capital budgets, and avoids ongoing operating costs such as storage and refurbishing.

large format trade show graphics


Bold, Quality Graphics Get
Noticed And Build Brands

Because graphics catch the eye and help tell your story, Holt designs, prints, laminates, and installs beautiful, durable, large format graphics. Our graphic designers convey your story with a big splash, and our production team will deliver and install your graphics on-brand and on-time. See more about graphics.

sustainable custom trade show exhibits


Sustainable Exhibits
Align With Your Values

Holt strives to be an inherently green organization. Everything we do is tied to reduced freight as well as the reuse of owned or rented assets. In addition, Holt can fabricate new, custom-built elements from more sustainable building materials.

technology integration with custom exhibits


Boost Engagement With
AV, VR, AR, And More

Interactive digital technologies attract and engage your trade show booth visitors better than static graphics and images. Holt can integrate technology into your overall exhibit design and experience.
See more about technology.

Responsive, Expert Service + Support

We offer your organization an integrated, turnkey resource that provides everything you may need:

  • Brand strategy analysis
  • 3D and graphic design
  • Interactive design
  • Brand activation
  • In-house fabrication
  • Exhibit and show services logistics
  • Venue installation and dismantle
  • Exhibit asset storage
  • Online asset management

As your trade show exhibit partner, we make the planning and management of your trade show programs that much easier.

trade show services expert brand labor

Our Custom Exhibit Design + Production Process

Trade show custom exhibit design and production process


Our typical creative process is highly collaborative and begins with one or more meetings between the client stakeholders, Holt creative team (physical and digital members), and the client’s ad agency to learn about the experience that you are trying to create, your overall business objectives and required KPI’s, the event program as a whole, and general show specifics and requirements. We then work through special planning, structural concepts, attendee interaction, digital and AV experience with regular check-ins and feedback from the client along the way.


We provide a full production schedule at the onset of a project, outlining key dates to hit for both the client and for Holt. We have a production kickoff meeting internally to discuss the project, materials, and timeline. Our process includes graphic proofing, material selections, and CAD detailing before going into production. This results in having the booth built and show ready in our warehouse for an in person review of all assets before going out to the event.

Custom Trade Show Booth Design Sizes


Most Popular Configuration
For Custom Booth Designs

The sky’s the limit. We’ll design an island space that immerses visitors in your brand and takes full advantage of the face-to-face nature of trade shows. With intriguing architecture, bold graphics, persuasive product displays, and comfortable meeting areas.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies custom island trade show exhibit
Apex Analytics Custom Built 10 x 20 trade show exhibit


Go Custom For Your
Biggest Opportunities In
Small Spaces

At some shows, even though the spaces are small, the value of potential deals is huge. That’s when you need to look your best to impress potential major buyers. Go beyond portables to stake your claim with a custom inline exhibit from 10 to 40 feet wide.

Focke and Co custom island trade show exhibit design


Shared Wall Exhibit For
Industrial Expos And
International Exhibitions

At certain shows, some island-sized booth spaces can share a wall with a neighboring exhibitor, giving attendees access to your space from only three aisles. We can create a compelling design that still stands out and makes the most of your opportunity.

Horn 50x50 custom trade show exhibit double deck and hospitality desk


Increase Impact And
Meeting Space When Per
Square Foot Costs Are High

Double decks provide a great solution when you want more square footage than the booth floor space you obtained. They give you a private, exclusive setting for important meetings, and create extra mass for brand impact. Double decks are available for rental or purchase.

Enhance Face-To-Face Interactions In Your Custom Exhibit With Holt Interactive Applications + Kiosks

How do you make explicit the hidden features and benefits of your major products? How do you effortlessly tailor a presentation to the needs of individual prospects? How do you fulfill your leads right from the show floor?

You can do all that with an interactive presentation kiosk from Holt, that captivates, entertains, and educates visitors, and enhances your modern brand.

Holt can design, produce, program and install custom interactives and cabinetry for you, making the most of your conversations with key audiences. We also offer rental kiosks that can house your custom interactive.

ConMet NACV custom trade show product kiosk with interactive touch screen display

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FAQs When Buying From A
Custom Trade Show Exhibit Designer Company

What is the lead time for a custom trade show exhibit?

The lead time for a custom trade show exhibit can vary depending on the complexity of the design, the size of the exhibit, and the manufacturer’s production schedule. It is common for custom trade show exhibits to have a lead time of 3-6 months — from concept to completion.

What is the cost of a custom trade show exhibit?

The cost of a custom trade show exhibit can vary widely depending on the size, materials, and complexity of the design. On average, custom trade show exhibits can cost anywhere from $100,000 to $1,000,000 or more.

How can I make sure the custom trade show exhibit reflects my brand and message?

When working with a custom trade show exhibit manufacturer, you should provide clear guidelines for how you want your brand and message to be represented in the design. This can include specific colors, graphics, lighting, and other elements.

What materials are used in custom trade show exhibits?

Custom trade show exhibits can be made from a variety of materials, including aluminum, wood, acrylic, and fabric. The choice of materials will depend on the design, budget, and requirements of the exhibit.

How is a custom trade show exhibit constructed and installed?

The construction and installation process for a custom trade show exhibit will vary depending on the builder and the design of the exhibit. Typically, the builder will provide a detailed plan and instructions for assembly, and may also provide on-site support for installation.

How can I ensure the custom trade show exhibit is durable and long-lasting?

When choosing a custom trade show exhibit builder, look for a company that uses high-quality materials and construction techniques to ensure that your exhibit is durable and long-lasting. You should also consider the builder’s reputation for quality and reliability.

Can I make changes to the custom trade show exhibit after it has been ordered?

It is possible to make changes to a custom trade show exhibit after it has been ordered, but it will depend on the builder’s policies and the stage of production. It is important to carefully review the terms of the agreement and discuss any potential changes with the builder before making a purchase.

Does the custom trade show exhibit include lighting and graphics?

The inclusion of lighting and graphics in a custom trade show exhibit will depend on the builder and the design of the exhibit. Some builders offer lighting and graphics as part of the overall package, while others may offer these elements as separate options.

How will the custom trade show exhibit be transported to the trade show location?

The transportation of a custom trade show exhibit will depend on the size and complexity of the exhibit, as well as the location of the trade show. Some builders offer transportation and logistics services, while others may require you to arrange your own transportation.

Crescent custom trade show exhibit - modular arch bridge
Alacrity Solutions custom modular trade show exhibit