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Digital Interactives Add Impressive Engagement To Physical and Virtual Spaces

Holt Experiential engineers custom AV (audio visual) interactives to market your products and services and to educate your visitors in truly engaging ways. Following a discovery meeting where we learn more about your business and your goals, we can recommend digital applications and provide guidance on how you can use them in your business.

3D rendering for commercial door manufacturer showroom virtual tour concept


Multi Touch Walls + Tables

Multi touch walls and tables are perfect for allowing multiple people to view content from your business at the same time.  93% of consumers find User Generated Content to be helpful when making a purchasing decision. At trade shows, while surrounded by competitors, you may have just minutes to make an impression and persuade your potential customer to purchase a product. While in a permanent space, such as a showroom, a multi-touch wall provides interactive entertainment much to the delight of customers. Holt Experiential knows the back-end tech to still make the user experience intuitive and easy to navigate. It is also a great way to help you show your visitors a wall of customer testimonials that is constantly changing in order to convey your expertise to potential leads.

Blum visitors test multi-touch functionality of large interactive digital display recessed into custom fabricated partition

Interactive Tablet Experiences

Tablets are great for use at trade shows, events, or at your business, as they can be used in a variety of ways. They can give customers 2D or 3D product demos so that customers can get a closer look at your products. They also can be used for lead generation as customers can use them to register for emails, engage with you on social media channels, or schedule an appointment.  Many people also use tablets as ways of processing credit card payments, which can be very beneficial if you are conducting sales outside of your business storefront, at an event or trade show, but utilizing tablets can enhance interaction with an exhibit.

Volvo Trucks interactive event kiosk with truck

Touch Screen Kiosks

Touch screen kiosks are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of business sectors. They can be used at events to improve engagement and draw people to a booth at an event, or in a showroom. Touch screen kiosks also allow you to expose people to your products in a more personalized way, allowing them to choose what they want to view. Touch screen kiosks can most importantly be used to capture leads, by allowing people to sign up for email newsletters or product updates directly from the kiosk. Though it may seem like a less personal way of interacting with potential clients, you can have multiple touch-screen kiosks set up as a quicker way for people to learn about your products.

Touchscreen kiosk

Interactive Interpretive Exhibits

Interactive Interpretive Exhibits allow people to interact with your exhibits, whether it be on a tablet, or with a digital display with video to draw people in. A common example is the digitally guided tour experience offered by museums. Through using interactive digital content and delivery channels it is also possible to guide people through an exhibit or presentation given by your business.

Volvo engine display kiosk and interactive display kiosk at Volvo Ocean Race Pavillion

Interactive Timelines

A large digital display can allow you to give an in-depth history of your business in a timeline and allow your visitors to physically touch the screen to read more about your business. An interactive timeline allows customers to learn more about you and your story. Show people your growth through an interactive, digital timeline. A physical, graphic timeline might run out of wall space, or the wall space available for a physical timeline may limit the number and categories of milestone graphics that can even be displayed in the first place.  With a digital timeline, space is not an issue because the digital canvas is infinite and filters can be built in to allow the user to sort through categories of milestones on a deeper level.

Custom high resolution commercial coporate branded graphic of company timeline


Leverage Holt’s decades of graphic and physical structural design to provide your company with a high-impact virtual space that captures online visitors’ attention and tells your story. You get a partner with deep experience in branding and marketing within three-dimensional spaces.

Holt can design and produce a variety of virtual environments, including:

Virtual Tours

We can design a virtual tour to serve the specific needs of your various audiences:

  • Clients and prospects: Create a virtual environment that engages customers with an immersive, self-driven experience that highlights the key differentiators of your facility, history, products, and brand.
  • Your management team: Make better design decisions with a virtual tour to preview your potential, real-life, physical branded interior, be it your facility or event space. This lets your internal team get a much better feel for how your brand’s graphics and temporary structures work within the space.
  • Potential real-life visitors: Give people considering visiting your organization or facility a supercharged virtual tour that gets them excited and more likely to visit in person.

Explore Multiple Holt Virtual Tours Combined Into One

Holtville Central BoothSnap Content

Virtually Tour Our Own Facility To See What We Can With Your Facility

Building Entrance

Virtual Showroom

Going beyond a virtual tour with a product-centric virtual environment. Outfit your virtual showroom with 3D rendered versions of your products, that allow visitors to get detailed product knowledge 24/7. Or, provide your sales people with the best sales tool they ever had, that allows them to do super-charged guided tours over the phone or video conference.

Virtual Exhibits

We have designed exhibits with computer-aided design for decades. Now, with newer technologies, we can turn those static renderings into immersive virtual exhibits that visitors can walk through at their own pace and direction. Add in contact forms, videos, and product information within a monumental virtual exhibit design, to create a more engaging experience for virtual or hybrid trade show visitors. You’ll give visitors a superior experience than what the show producer template provides. Or use our virtual exhibit designs as a more insightful step in the physical exhibit design process. And by having us design both your virtual and physical exhibit, you get brand consistency with less effort for you.

Conmet VIRTUAL Exhibit, Designed and Built by Holt Experiential

Conmet PHYSICAL Exhibit, Designed and Built by Holt Experiential

ConMet NACV custom trade show event exhibit designed and fabricated by Holt Environments

3D Model Animation

As part of your virtual tour or virtual exhibit, we can design and integrate 3D animations of your physical products. These 3D animations give online visitors an enhanced experience that helps them better understand your products’ strengths and advantages.

Sanitaire Product 3D Model Animation Used In Virtual Exhibit

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