Alacrity Services

Alacrity Services

To help Alacrity Services improve their trade show performance, we helped them distill and amplify their key messages. Because Alacrity Services is a leader in property casualty claims solutions, Holt Experiential designed their trade show exhibit to echo the shape and visual texture of a house. Now it’s immediately apparent to visitors what Alacrity does and stands for. Holt built a modular solution that would work both in a 20×20 space, as well as a 10×20. This included a casual meeting area, a digital fireplace with a TV playing videos of natural disasters with how Charlotte-based Alacrity could help. The brick tower also held a touch screen monitor that enabled attendees to interact with content tailored to their needs.

Alacrity Services

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Small trade show exhibit in lobby conference area with outdoor and home vibe

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