Facility Design + Planning

Reveal The Strategic Potential Of Branded Corporate Facilities

Eager to transform your corporate facility into a powerful marketing environment? We’re ready to help you design interiors that change minds and spark action. 

Through an in-depth discovery process with key stakeholders on your team, we help to uncover the primary goals you want branded marketing environments to achieve within your facility.  

Then, together we will determine where and how to brand your facility interiors in the best way to influence your key audiences and to support your business objectives.

Stanley Gibbons office interior concept full view digital 3D rendering
Interior Design and 3D Rendering of lobby area with overhanging suspended fabric clouse
branded environments plan overhead view by function

Site Survey + Location Selection

We’ll tour your facilities to identify which spaces will help to best achieve your strategic marketing goals, spaces where employees and visitors arrive, walk, work, collaborate, gather, meet, train, relax, and sell.  These areas become platforms to tell your story. Common spaces and elements to enhance include lobbies, reception desks, conference rooms, training rooms, breakrooms, showrooms, hallways, cafes, and rest areas.

Home Meridian International custom branded wall digital render graphic

Brand Content Development

Next, we’ll conceptualize content that invigorates your employees and captivates visitors.  You will guide us to curate content that speaks to your identity and tells your story, including dramatic versions of your logo, décor that reflects your brand colors, spaces that focus attention, info graphics and super images, and multi-touch interactives that convey your culture, values, scope, heritage, and achievements.

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Finalizing Your Design Plan

In the final step of the branded facility design phase, you will walk sequentially through our design concepts, allowing you to envision our ideas to boost the brand potential of your facilities. 

This walk through may include anything from simple colored line drawings defining use of space, to photorealistic renderings revealing every architectural feature, graphic message, image, surface, and texture. Helping you understand how your workspaces will change, and deciding which concepts best meet your requirements, leads to a turnkey production phase estimate.

Finally, we’ll provide an implementation plan that lets you choose the pace of installation of facility marketing environments that best fits your sense of urgency and budget. You can pick and choose elements to create the office or showroom you desire in a cohesive sequence.

Stanley Gibbons overhead view design plan branded environment tech work space

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