Technology Trade Shows

Building Your Innovative Technology Brand With Face-to-Face Marketing At All Phases Of Your Growth

Holt Experiential helps you build your tech business faster, at all stages of its development, whether it’s capturing the attention of early stage investors, impressing high-value recruits, expanding your sales pipeline at face-to-face events, or branding your meetings to rally a large sales team around your annual goals or post-merger plans.

Accelerating Your Tech Start Up  

You have it — new technology that will revolutionize and even disrupt the world. Now is the time to attract capital and spend it wisely to build your brand, your team, and your sales pipeline. We can help, with compelling, interactive trade show and event exhibits that advance your high-tech image, demonstrate your products, attract early-phase investors, and generate your first batches of sales leads. Plus, our modular exhibits reconfigure and reskin as your technology brand rapidly evolves. Moreover, we can energize your recruiting and productivity with branded environments within your facilities that instill your corporate culture and motivate your team. Most of all, you get an expert ally to help you hit the ground running with your branded marketing environments.

Trade show exhibit with reception desk, visitor booths, suspended ceiling structures, and curtains

Fueling Your Growth Phase With Marketing Environments

As you have grown into an established technology company, your exhibiting footprint, events calendar, and your team have grown with you. Your trade shows and events help to grow and solidify your channel partner network. You find your groove generating more and better sales leads at an expanding roster of trade shows, in progressively larger exhibit spaces. You explore and succeed at shows in an expanding variety of vertical markets. You seek even greater interactivity and experiential activities to captivate timid tech-show attendees. And you look to maintain a unified corporate culture, continue to attract top talent, and boost employee productivity with branded environments within your enlarging network of facilities

Trade show exhibit with unique stair ceiling-suspended structure with branded logo and information stations

Events + Facilities Catering To Your Leadership Role

As a Fortune 500-sized tech leader, your marketing environment needs are equally large:

  • You need the biggest, boldest exhibits at national industry shows, and a fleet of creative, smaller displays for regional, vertical market, and partner events.
  • Yet, your own events have grown in prominence, too. You want an inspiring brand experience for the valuable attendees at your user conferences, annual meetings, and sales meetings.
  • You need a partner with the team and network to assist your event marketing anywhere in the country, and even the world.
  • You need to visually impress your brand and corporate culture to bursts of new employees working at new facilities acquired through mergers and acquisitions.
  • Plus, you want to boost your biggest sales opportunities with impressive, interactive Customer Experience Centers, and supercharge innovation and collaboration with Innovation Centers and Labs.

It’s a tall order, and with our expert team and four decades of experience, Holt Experiential is ready and eager to deliver.

Inmar Analytics Forum 2015 event space custom designed, fabricated, and installed by Holt Environments
Trade show exhibit with reception desk, suspended ceiling structures, and visitor booths
Stanley Gibbons, Morrisville, NC, office interior concept full view digital 3D rendering
Custom interior design and corporate commercial workspace design by Holt Environments

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