Healthcare Marketing

Maximize Your Event ROI While Building Your Healthcare Brand

As a healthcare marketer, you’re always under the microscope. You need to build your brand, generate new sales leads, and stretch your budget to maximize return on investment, all while adhering to restrictive FDA and other regulations.

Moreover, as on-site access to healthcare professionals has become even more limited, your meetings, conventions, and facilities are now even more important to gaining valuable face time.

We’re here to help. Holt Experiential builds your brand and helps you engage with healthcare decision makers such as providers and practitioners, trial clinicians and research partners, equipment and contract manufacturers, dealers and medical executives.

Making The Most Of Healthcare Exhibitions

Trade show exhibit with reception desk, visitor booths, suspended ceiling structures, and curtains

Holt designs, builds, installs, and manages modern, sophisticated exhibits that showcase your latest innovative therapies, technologies, and devices. We have a talent for creating interactive and digital engagement tools that enhance storytelling and foster memorable attendee experiences. And, while exhibiting on the trade show floor, we have an experienced team ready to support your immediate needs during your show.

Our modular exhibit structures lower operating costs and give extra flexibility to easily rebrand after mergers and acquisitions, and for start-ups to expand and evolve in the future.

For over four decades, we’ve helped many kinds of healthcare exhibitors build their businesses with event exhibits at conventions, congresses, meetings, conferences and exhibitions:

  • Medical equipment and device manufacturers
  • Industry component suppliers
  • Pharma, Biotech, and nutritional supplement brands
  • Healthcare technology companies
  • Human and animal healthcare brands
Medical trade show exhibit with reception desk and custom tall structures
Healthcare trade show exhibit with booth staff

Face-To-Face Marketing At Events And Your Facilities

Holt Experiential’s face-to-face design expertise also helps you away from the convention hall floor with:

  • Exhibits, graphics, and audio-visuals that infuse your brand within anonymous venue spaces at your own meetings and events.
  • Interactive touch screen kiosks (including the design, programming, electromechanical engineering, and cabinetry) that engage and teach healthcare practitioners.
  • Branded environments within your facilities, including lobbies that impress visitors and potential employees, Innovation Centers and Labs that spark greater collaboration and faster new product development, and Customer Experience Centers that help you close more of your high-value prospects during on-site visits.
Full exhibits of trade shows by Holt Environments

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