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Capture, Captivate + Convince Today’s Demanding Trade Show Attendees

The battle for attention on the trade show floor is harder than ever before.  

Not only do you compete with neighboring exhibitors and for attendees’ scarce time, you now are also competing with younger attendees’ expectations for always-on entertainment.  Thus, for an entire generation of attendees that grew up with digital media at their fingertips, a static exhibit simply isn’t enough of a draw anymore.

However, when you fully leverage the emotional power of live, face-to-face marketing, you can still gather crowds in your trade show booth. 

Your exhibit can capture and retain more visitors, and make a longer-lasting impression, when you turn your exhibit into a stage for: 

  • Experiences that engage attendees’ hearts and senses. 
  • Engagements that tell your story with emotional impact. 
  • Activations that help visitors connect with your messages, and bring your brand to life.
Behr product demo activation exhibit at trade show with staircase, kiosks, seating, and large floor placemat
Carbon Black gamification activation at RSA 2017

Creating Engagement + Activations With Experiences In Your Exhibit

Holt Experiential can be your partner to creating experiences that elevate your exhibit into a hotbed of brand engagement and activation. 

As brand advocates for hundreds of companies for more than four decades, we know how to take your brand essence and transform it into immersive, memorable activities, games, and digital interactives that take attendees on a personalized, authentic brand journey. 

We start by deeply understanding your customers, your brand, and your greatest competitive advantages.  We dig until we discover a differentiating insight that can be emotionally conveyed through an experience. And then we work with you and your other marketing agencies to execute a fully integrated activation campaign at-show.

Ask Holt to help you create authentic brand activations to better engage your most valuable, yet challenging attendees. Your booth space will be known as the fun, full exhibit, and your marketing messages will be remembered long after the show ends.

Lord trade show exhibit activation with reception desk
Call of Duty MW3 trade show experience with multiple monitors to play company game

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