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Impactful video, high quality photography and engaging moving graphics vastly increase the reach, and amplification of key messages, associated with your audience’s experiences. The Holt live production team is renowned for award winning video lighting design, production, direction, and content development to increase your event impact. Pre-produce video segments with 3D graphics to keep your event screens moving. You can take your audience on a visual journey of your products, services, experts and facilities. Digital content instantly engages your audience and brings any live event to a new level.

Brand Launch

This video was produced by the Holt Creative Director to launch a modernized brand for StorageTek, a Fortune 500 public high-technology company based in Colorado with global manufacturing and sales. It is a high impact video that was utilized at events, trade shows and advertising.

Live at the Event

Holt produced a series of videos at the CPHI show in Frankfurt, Germany to highlight key attending scientists and business leaders. Over the course of several days, the production team produced video interviews. Each day of the event, the Holt crew sent edited videos to the Thermo Fisher social media team to post and drive interest for attending the event and drive interest in the featured products.

Product Launch

Holt Marketing Environments produced this video for Columbia Forest Products to add impact to their trade show event screens, the company website and social media. The video production took place at the Holt facility and utilized a Holt employee, Charlie Jones as the expert wood craftsman. The video promotes a new wood product line called Touchwood Panels.

Building Employee Culture

Waste Management Corporation hired the Holt Video Producer to film employees at work and the senior management team in Minute Maid Park in Houston. This compilation video shows some of the highlights of the long length program. The production was delivered for a live broadcast to over 50,000 employees to build the brand and promote top customer service and safety.

Point of Purchase – Permanent Installation

A top weight loss firm tapped the creative and video production expertise of the Holt Video Producer to develop a point-of-purchase video to be utilized in store and on the website. The I Like You theme celebrates weight loss success of real people with fantastic results.

Product Features

The Holt Video Producer delivered a series of short videos to demonstrate a revolutionary new pump features to the oil and gas industry. Blake Olson, an engineer with Sundyne delivers a concise message with moving graphics. The video was utilized on screen in the trade show booth, the company website and social media.

Live Multi-Camera Video Production and Streaming

Live video is about the intimacy of seeing something up close — that unobstructed view from the back of the room. Nothing helps you more to captivate and persuade your audience than live video. Live video also can be broadcast to extend your live audience to anywhere in the world, or used later to highlight the event content. The Holt production team will work with you to engage your live and virtual audiences with professional multi-camera, live switching, image magnification, editing and digital graphics.

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