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Event Marketing: Complete Services To Help Your Events Succeed

We recognize that you need to leave your office to engage with your customers. Holt makes that experience impactful and helps to deliver return on your investment. From special events to grand openings to shareholder meetings to mobile showrooms and museum-like mobile training labs, we can help you to dream big and to execute a strategic design and plan that makes you look good wherever your efforts lead you.

Most of all, we can help you deliver a moving experience to the key audiences that matter most to you, drawing them tighter to your brand.

TFS event annual corporate meeting

Live Event Production

When you are looking for that finishing touch to make your event unique, the Holt team will transform your audience experiences with crafted engagements, inspiring atmospheres and memorable entertainment for your event, general sessions and breakout meetings. You can count on Holt to meld creative and technical resources to make your event high-impact and effective.

We take care of all facets of event production including coordination of content, stage design, branded signage, audio/visual/lighting resources, speakers, timelines and resources. You will utilize expertise from across all Holt team disciplines to assure every objective of your event is met and every detail is addressed.

TFS tent event digital innovation summit

Theme Development and Messaging

Every client we work with has a powerful story to tell about their brand, products and services. Our skill is magnifying that story through impactful content creation and high-impact production. We work with you to develop creative themes that build your brand and drive enthusiasm with your audience.

Show event room with lighting, seating, and video production by Holt

Location and Venue Scouting, Setup and Planning

The Holt team understands that selecting the right venue is an essential part of telling a brand’s story. Our location scouting team specializes in finding unique venues for experiential marketing events both in the U.S. and abroad. We will scout an event with you to determine the best use of space and branding to engage your audience and maximize your marketing investment.

Outdoor live event with custom comfort seating

Site Branding Options

We can help you surround your key audiences with your event identity and messages with a multitude of options for site branding. Place your brand anywhere at your events with banners, temporary murals and window graphics, sail flags, sidewalk graphics, tension-fabric structures, and pop-up tents.

corporate event venue branding meeting theme

Shipped Event Structures

We can also source and design branded structures that ship easily and compactly, set up quickly, and give you memorable brand impact and temporary interior displays at customer events, sales meetings, shareholder meetings, seminars, and more.

We offer a full range of tailored displays from kiosks, counters, and small backwalls, up to large (yet still temporary) structures as big as a house. These displays can be rented for one-time use at special events, or purchased and also used at your trade shows.

shipped event modular exhibit structures

Stage Design and Branding

Experience design for events unites all of our disciplines – strategy, creative, technology and production – and focuses those talents to address and engage your audience. The Holt team understands how to optimally engage your audience in every aspect of an event so every participant lives the brand. From the venue doorway – to the grand ballroom – to the beach, the Holt team will make sure your audience is immersed in your brand.

corporate event stage design and meeting branding

Event Décor + Furniture

To further expand the environment that matches your event brand personality, we can provide ambient and spot lighting, color-changing lighting, event décor such as plants and planters, and rental hospitality furniture appropriate to the audience and goals. So even aspects of your event that are not branded with graphics can help set the mood you want for your attendees and provide a comfortable space.

corporate event decor meeting furniture

Logistics + Onsite I&D

Our service, labor, and tech teams can help you bring your event design ideas to life on site, from project management to storage, to shipping and installation, to final dismantle after the event.

We have worked within hundreds of venues to quickly set up your event. And our vast I&D experience helps us avoid most potential installation pitfalls, and to quickly find viable workarounds when issues inevitably do come up.

We’ll become an integral part of your event team on site.

corporate event logisitics exhibit installation and dismantle

Mobile Structures + Trailers

For roadshows or outdoor special events, we can source, design, and configure self-contained, weather-proof structures and travel trailers. We’ll design the exteriors to boldly promote your brand and messages, with full printed vinyl wraps and other durable graphics. And we’ll design the interiors to host memorable visitor experiences with branded activities, product demos, and interactive presentations.

Audio/Video/Lighting Design and Management

The Holt team has extensive experience in producing live events working with technical teams to make sure your audience is immersed in your brand and message. Live production capabilities  are united by the Holt team – strategy, creative, technology and production to produce a great audience experience. You can count on the Holt team to make your audio/visual and lighting needs seamless, creative and effective.

Custom audio, video recording, lighting for branded virtual live events

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