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Get Exactly The Right Large Format Graphics You Need For Any Application

Holt designs, prints, laminates, and installs beautiful, durable, large format graphics. Call us to design and print your large format graphics, whether they’re going on your trade show or event exhibit, facility or venue wall, or branded motor vehicle.

Our designers know how to convey your story with a big splash, and our production team will deliver and install your graphics on-brand and on-time.

Holt can design and produce a variety of large format graphics, including:

Large Format Silicone Edge Fabric Graphics (SEG)

Fabric graphics are bold, vibrant and extremely lightweight. Ink jet prints, output at a photo-realistic 720 dpi, are permanently transferred into fabric using high heat and pressure. Fabric graphics are washable and color fast for indoor use. Fabric sections up to 10’ wide can be sewn together to create massive graphics of nearly any size. We have a production team with extensive sewing experience.

Large Format Ink Jet Vinyl Graphics

Vibrant color and photo-realistic quality using 4-color process (CMYK). Prints can be output on reflective or translucent materials. Computer-controlled cutting system cuts logos and lettering out of vinyl material, which can be applied to a variety of surfaces either permanently or temporarily.

Ultra Violet (UV) Direct Graphics

Our UV Graphic System allows you to get creative with dimensional graphics. Digital direct printing on a variety of materials and computer-controlled profiling lets you create nearly any graphic imaginable. UV graphics are printed directly on select materials and can be profile-cut in sequence, streamlining the process and reducing costs. Like all of our graphics, the UV Graphic System is color synchronized, so your colors remain consistent throughout varying materials and alternate processes giving your exhibit a cohesive look.

Graphic Finishing

When it comes to quality graphics, output is only part of the equation. Prints must be finished to match your use and structure. Because we control all aspects of environmental production, graphics and finishing, you are assured the best fit. Our proprietary Electronic Grid System allows us to produce graphics with extreme accuracy and exactly for the type of exhibit hardware to which they will be applied. Our lab features a dedicated team of finishers and a host of equipment like computer-controlled cutters, laminators and more.

Shelving product placement and lightweight archway structures at trade show by Holt Environments
Event exhibit with color printed fabric branding signage supported by custom color graphic displays at Inmar Analytics Forum
Business man sits in Vantage Elevation NAEC custom trade show exhibit lounge area with hanging lights and large vinyl graphic
Corporate interior design with graphic prints mounted on wall
Greensboro Children's Museum donor wall with custom CNC cut 3D lettering and design elements with text graphics

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