37 things a trade show exhibit does

37 Things A Trade Show Exhibit Does

Trade show exhibits are multitasking marvels made of metal, wood, fabric and more.  Just like your booth staffers, they’ve got a very long to-do list.  Imagine what it takes to build one thing that must do all 37 of these things well:

Achieve Your Marketing Goals:

  1. Build, enhance, reposition and maintain your brand.
  2. Generate leads
  3. Break your company into new markets
  4. Tell your story
  5. Introduce your new products
  6. Advance the buying cycle
  7. Make a statement
  8. More than pay for itself


Support Functional Needs:

  1. Be seen from a distance
  2. Communicate quickly
  3. Stop attendees
  4. Promote your benefits
  5. Announce your product markets
  6. Reinforce a themed message
  7. Answers questions
  8. Facilitate dialog
  9. Host a presentation
  10. Provide meeting space
  11. Display your products
  12. Store your staffer’s stuff, plus promotions, supplies and electronic gear


Affect Many Different Groups of People:

  1. Welcome customers
  2. Help attract qualified attendees
  3. Support your booth staff
  4. Instill pride in your team
  5. Reinforce business partnerships
  6. Host a press conference
  7. Recruit new employees
  8. Scare your competitors
  9. Impress investors


Meet Logistics Needs:

  1. Minimize operating costs
  2. Pass show regulations
  3. Pack down efficiently
  4. Set up as easily as possible
  5. Travel without getting damaged
  6. Last for years
  7. Change booth sizes
  8. Change messages to fit different markets


Your trade show exhibit must be a marketing powerhouse, a great host, a workplace, and a versatile team player.

You may not want your own exhibit to do all 37 of these things. You could even review this list to identify the top 5 or 10 things you really want it to do well, and share that with your exhibit house.

Of course, we would love to collaborate with you to create an exhibit designed to balance all your most important goals and requirements. Contact Holt Experiential to get started.