Keeping You Safe In Your Battle With Covid-19


Protect your caregivers and patients with custom temporary medical and personal structures for alternate care sites. Battle COVID-19 with walls and furniture that provide comfort, privacy and a sterilized environment.

Infection control kiosk and hygiene station with trash cabinet by Holt Environments


Promote clean hands throughout your health-care facility, nursing home, hospital, business and government agency with Holt infection control kiosks.


Face protection for droplet- borne pathogen, even in close quarters.

Simple construction, contoured shape and lightweight.

One size fits all means simplified inventory management.

What Drives Us

We are driven to create branded spaces that advance your key business goals. We bring decades of expertise combining graphic visuals, architectural elements, and interactive technology to tell your story.

We design and build branded environments that help you recruit, retain, and motivate employees, reinforce or shift culture, improve productivity, advance strategic business initiatives, and maximize awareness and sales opportunities.

Client projects include customer experience centers, showrooms, innovation labs, lobbies and conference rooms, visitor centers, environmental graphics and signage, trade show exhibits, corporate events, and workplace furniture.

What connects them all is a collaborative design process that produces a tailored experience for each space, supported by turnkey fabrication and installation.

What We Do

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