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Five Reasons Office Branding Matters

Five Reasons Office Branding Matters

All too often, offices lack any sort of design. Cubicles, desks, chairs, and conference tables fill a bland space with no rhyme or reason. Employees working in these environments dread the hours they spend enveloped in beige-colored, fluorescent-lit boxes that offer little in the way of inspiration. Change can start at any time, so why not start by learning five reasons office branding matters.

Your company’s office represents your brand. If your workspace is generic, that reflects a lack of ingenuity or creativity associated with your business. Regardless of industry, office branding is a worthwhile investment that impacts your bottom line, employee retention rate, marketing efforts, and so much more. Discover the top five reasons why office interior branding matters to organizations in every vertical.

  1. Bolster Sales Initiatives

People judge books by their covers, which is why first impressions are so vital. When clients visit your office, what impression is your business making on these valuable people? With a branded office space, these visitors immediately gain insight into your company and its values. Office branding communicates to prospective clients that you prioritize investing in your own business to make it as effective and successful as possible. An office with no branding conveys a message of temporariness while also demonstrating a lack of the confidence in your own business. What message do you want clients to receive from your company when they visit your office?

  2. Align Brand Messaging Across the Board

Your marketing department dedicates so many resources to developing a brand persona and executing brand guidelines across multiple channels. While everything from email signatures to printed assets perfectly aligns with your brand, can you say the same for your office? Consider your office the physical manifestation of your brand. Office branding brings your marketing team’s work to life. Put their efforts on display with a branded work environment.

  3. Promote Values and Mission

Every business is defined by its mission and values. However, these statements sometimes end up as nothing more than words on a page, readily forgotten by staff members. Office interior branding can bring your mission and values to life. Incorporating your mission and values in your overall office interior design reinforces them with employees. For instance, if your business values industry expertise, innovation, and open discussion, you’d want to develop a work environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

  4. Engage Employees

Your organization is a team. Every person, whether it’s the CEO or an intern, plays a crucial role in accomplishing tasks and achieving business goals. There’s no better way to represent the hard work of your team than by branding them. Professional sports teams are surrounded by the team brand. Whether they are in weight room, the locker room or the team meeting room – the brand and mission are everywhere, nothing is overlooked. It’s no different for your staff, or team. While they may not be wearing uniforms to the office, you can incorporate your brand and mission with comprehensive office design, so everyone is immersed in your company and feels the energy of being part of a winning team.

  5. Share Your History

Launching and sustaining a business is no easy feat. If you’ve come this far, you should celebrate the milestones of your company. A branded office space is the perfect place to share your company’s history. Maybe your business began in your home office as a side project you worked on outside of your regular 9 to 5 job. Now, you’re in a position where you have your own offices and a full staff. Office branding with company history incorporated into it provides your employees with a comprehensive understanding of the business they work for and just how far it has since its humble start.

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