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Designing More Valuable Multi-Purpose Branded Interiors

In our extensive work within the realm of branded interiors, we’ve observed a notable trend among our clients: the evolution towards creating multi-purpose spaces that enhance the intrinsic value of corporate environments. Unlike the past, where dedicated areas like Customer Experience Centers or Innovation Labs were predominant, there’s now a growing demand for versatile branded interiors capable of accommodating a diverse range of functions.

Let’s delve into the numerous applications of such multi-functional spaces, elevating both engagement levels and corporate efficiency:

1. Customer Experience Center: A multi-purpose branded interior can seamlessly double as a captivating customer experience center, fostering interactive engagements within a meticulously designed space that not only strengthens client relationships but also stimulates prospects towards deeper partnerships.

2. Innovation Lab: Characterized by openness and collaboration, an innovation lab serves as a hub where cross-disciplinary teams, including external experts, converge to pioneer new products and business models. The inherent flexibility of such spaces lends itself well to accommodating various other functions.

3. Event Space: From internal meetings and celebrations to external product launches and networking events, a versatile interior can be tailored to function as an event venue, facilitating effective communication and engagement across employees, stakeholders, and partners.

4. Training Facility: Prioritizing employee development necessitates investing in purpose-built training centers equipped with modern AV technology and interactive amenities, fostering an environment conducive to continual learning and growth.

5. Digital Studio: With content creation being integral to contemporary marketing strategies, a branded interior can seamlessly transform into a sophisticated digital studio, offering top-tier recording equipment and acoustics for producing high-quality multimedia content.

6. Employee Collaboration Space: Fostering a culture of collaboration among employees is vital for enhancing productivity. A multi-functional branded interior can serve as a collaborative workspace where teams converge to brainstorm, strategize, and execute cross-functional projects.

7. Showroom: Acting as a tangible representation of the brand’s offerings, the space can also function as a showroom, showcasing products or services to potential clients or partners.

8. Product Testing Center: Seamless adaptation into a product testing facility enables companies to conduct quality control checks and gather valuable user feedback, thereby refining their offerings.

9. Flex Office Space: Embracing flexible work arrangements, the multi-purpose interior can incorporate adaptable workspaces catering to remote employees, providing a professional and convenient environment for their occasional presence.

10. Co-Working Hub: Encouraging collaboration and innovation, the flexible interior can serve as a co-working hub for startups, freelancers, or partner organizations, fostering a culture of shared ideas and resources.

11. Lounge Area / Library: Creating a welcoming ambiance, the branded interior may include designated lounge areas where individuals can unwind, socialize, and rejuvenate.

12. Corporate Museum: Celebrating the company’s heritage and milestones within a dedicated space serves as a testament to its journey, offering valuable insights to visitors and employees alike.

Multi-Purpose Spaces Increase the Value of Branded Interiors

While individual functions may not always warrant their own dedicated space, amalgamating them into a multi-purpose area amplifies their collective impact, yielding tangible returns in terms of brand resonance, stakeholder relationships, employee development, and overall business success.

To initiate the design process for a more versatile multi-purpose space, it’s essential to identify common goalstarget audiencesand functional overlaps among the aforementioned interior types:

  • Spaces with common goals can be integrated and shared among different users and audiences.
  • Spaces targeting the same audience can be strategically positioned adjacent to one another, optimizing exposure to their shared audience.
  • Spaces sharing similar functionality can be flexibly designed to accommodate diverse audiences and sponsoring departments with minimal adjustments.

A flexible space that seamlessly transitions between diverse functions not only enhances the customer experience but also boosts workforce productivity and creativity. It embodies a forward-thinking ethos that adapts to the evolving needs of modern businesses and caters to the diverse experiences of those interacting with the brand.

Inmar Innovation Lab branded interiors

For instance, the Inmar Innovation Lab showcased above serves multiple functions, including client meetings, software demos, town halls, special events, and internal recognition, exemplifying the versatility and value of a well-designed multi-purpose space.

We’re eager to collaborate with you on adapting your space to prioritize functions that align with your objectives, from the comprehensive list provided and any additional ideas you may have. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.