Interior Design + 3D Rendering

Transforming spaces within your corporate office or manufacturing showroom is an overwhelming task, meant to be managed by professionals. That’s why organizations work with Holt Environments to transform creative ideas into 3D renderings and office space layout plans. Following an in-depth discovery meeting with you and the stakeholders on your team, we walk you through immersive interior design concepts that support your business initiatives. As much or as little as you may need, we provide a variety of interior design services to develop the office or showroom your company deserves.

3D Renderings + 2D Wall Elevations

After working with your organization to understand your mission, values, and goals, the Holt Environments staff brings different design options to life with 3D renderings and 2D wall elevations. These design concepts are informed by research, ensuring that each option aligns with what you envisioned and hope to achieve in the future.

Interior Fly-Throughs

Interior fly-throughs best accompany interior design and 3D rendering to give our clients a thorough understanding of how their offices or showrooms will change. A bird’s eye view of the office design concepts we develop allows businesses the opportunity to pick and choose elements to create the office or showroom they desire in a cohesive sequence. These high-level overviews of proposed office designs make it simple to visualize each concept and decide which one best meets your requirements.

Environmental Graphic Design + Signage Concepts

A branded workspace or showroom requires expertly-crafted visual components to make the design cohesive and effective. Custom environmental graphic design and signage elements transform a space into a physical extension of your organization. Everyone from potential clients to long-time employees respond positively to these branded assets, thus bolstering sales numbers and improving morale.

Furniture Specifications + Display Fixture Details

Furniture and displays are essential components of your branded environment. Selecting furniture or displays that are not the correct size, style, or color will throw off your office interior design plans, costing you extra time and money. Whether our fabrication shop is creating custom furniture and displays or you’re buying them from another supplier, our team will provide exact specifications so you can make informed decisions as you finalize your initiative.

Paint + Flooring Recommendations

The color scheme you select for either your office or showroom should align with your brand’s colors. Our experts recommend appropriate paint colors to achieve this overall look. Additionally, with so many flooring options available, it’s overwhelming to decide on a single one. Our team narrows down the choices to offer the flooring options that will function best in your workspace while also matching the design of your space, so the look is consistent and compelling.

Lighting Recommendations

Lighting can affect a space more than any other element. We all can understand that bright lights in a movie theater would be a huge waste because that would detract from the movie-viewing experience. The same concept applies to lighting in workspaces – every workspace should have the appropriate lighting solution. Your office, or showroom, will have specific lighting requirements that best compliment your brand and mission. One of the biggest mistakes in modern office design involves the overuse of standard, boring fluorescent light fixtures that are ubiquitous in most offices. Avoid this fundamental oversight and let our branding office design experts find the perfect lighting treatment for your office or workspace.

Interactive AV Concepts

Integrating technology into your interior design demonstrates to both your staff and visitors that you value progress and innovation. Interactive AV programs allow your business to highlight its outstanding work using video and graphics. These eye-catching features reinforce your talents, skills, brand, culture, and values. Increasingly, brands have to be better at communicating values, as well as core capabilities by utilizing interactive technology.

Along with interior design concepts, Holt Environments provides you with estimated project costs, including subcontracted trade costs as needed, and a preliminary project schedule with important milestone dates. If your project implementation needs to be phased in over time, that’s fine with us, too.

All of the interior design elements of your office or showroom must seamlessly meld together to create a branded environment that offers visitors and employees a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience. From the flooring to the lighting, everything must come together to create a unique space that defines your business. Contact us now to begin the process or improving the interior design of your office or showroom.

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