Body Temperature Monitoring Device

This Body Temperature Scanning Device features a compact 7″ screen. Help eliminate Labor and PPE costs associated with manually screening temperatures while giving yourself and anyone entering your facility peace of mind that you are taking all the necessary precautions to protect their health and safety.


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    • Optional LED stand for temperature monitoring station by Holt Environments

      Body Temperature Monitoring Device Stand Option


      Body Temperature Monitoring Device Stand

      Convert your Body Temperature Monitoring Device into a freestanding unit. Allows for convenient placement of the device anywhere a counter or shelf is not available.


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    Optional Stand

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This solution includes:

  • Quickly Detect Body Temperature in 1-2 seconds.
  • Time/Date Stamp Logged with Temperature.
  • Prevent anyone with an elevated temperature from entering a facility.
  • Prevent those without face masks from entering a facility.
  • AI Facial Recognition Technology.
  • Network Capable to connect multiple devices.
  • Integrates with Access Control to allow/deny entry based on temperature, wearing a mask, and matches a face with staff/student.
  • Customizable with your company logo.
  • AntiSpoofing 3D Scanning Technology prevents using a 2D object to fool the device.
  • Accuracy within +/-0.54°F

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