UNC Greensboro Athletics Lobby Logo Wall

University of North Carolina Greensboro Coleman Building

UNC Greensboro Coleman Building

Upgraded Spartan Branding Impresses Visitors to the Coleman Building 1st Floor

To create a better UNCG Spartan brand experience, Holt designed, fabricated, and installed high-energy environments to much of the first floor of the Coleman Building. Features include an all-sports wall with photos of each sport offered at UNCG, dimensional UNCG logos, touch-screen hall of fame display, and a Spartan helmet. In addition, a backlit display illuminates the lobby to transform the building entrance.

“This is transformational in the sense that our student-athletes can walk into this space, have pride in our history and understand the special tradition of Spartan athletics,” said Kevin Bostian, Director of Athletics, UNCG.

UNCG Coleman Building


Facility Design

Custom Fabrication

Mural + 3D Graphic Design + Production


UNC Greensboro Athletics Lobby Logo Wall - logo close up
UNC Greensboro Athletics Lobby Logo Wall
UNC Greensboro Athletics Department Lobby and Values Ceiling
UNCG Athletics Mission Statement Wall 3D letters
UNCG All Sports Walls
UNCG Spartan Head and Logo
UNCG Athletics Hall of Fame
UNCG Student Athletes Wall
UNCG Stairwell Column
UNCG Basketball Lounge

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