Blum visitors interact with large multi-touch digital screen with custom fabricated housing installed by Holt Environments

Blum Multi-Touch Wall

Blum Inc. Interactive Display

For more than 60 years, Blum has perfected motion with its superior quality hinge systems, drawer runners, and lift systems. Dedicated to developing solutions that enhance user convenience in the home, Blum strives to manufacture products that allow drawers and cabinets doors to open with ease and close softly and effortlessly. Additionally, Blum is committed to manufacturing and assembling as many of their products as possible right here in the United States.

Blum, Inc.

Corporation, Interactive

Interactive Display

Blum visitors view corporate history timeline information on new multi-touch digital display

After decades of operations, Blum wanted to implement new technology to help describe their business and decided to integrate touch screen technology into both their corporate facility and their trade show exhibit. Ultimately, the goal of the touch screen experience was to increase brand awareness and engagement while also conveying the technology required to create top-of-the-line hinges, lifts, and drawer pulls.

Holt Environments and Blum worked together to develop a concept for a multi-touch wall on a user-friendly platform that communicated the Blum brand story. We encased a 98″ 4K touch monitor within a stylized facade. This facade is designed to allow for easy access and removal of the monitor from this custom-built unit. This allows Blum to easily pack up their specialized touch screen monitor to deploy at trade shows. Additionally, the touch screen interface was created following Blum’s brand guidelines, so colors and graphics are perfectly coordinated with other marketing assets.

The user-friendly user experience installed on the monitor shares Blum’s long history in the industry and showcases their sale tools, company information, and office floor plan. Additionally, this software empoweres users to email important information they learned of while engaging with the touch screen, increasing awareness about Blum. User activity is tracked within the software on the back end providing Blum with valuable insight analytics.

With their custom-developed interactive display, Blum was able to cut cost with this multi-purpose sales tool. Blum’s multi-touch wall emphasizes corporate storytelling, interactivity, and business goals while delivering an engaging user experience.

Blum visitors interact with large multi-touch digital screen with custom fabricated housing installed by Holt Environments
Two Holt Environments workers assemble custom fabricated wooden digital display wall in headquarters production facility
Blum visitors test multi-touch functionality of large interactive digital display recessed into custom fabricated partition

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