Inmar Analytics Forum 2015 event space custom designed, fabricated, and installed by Holt Environments

Inmar Analytics Forum 2015

Inmar Analytics Forum 2015

While the majority of the 2015 Inmar Analytics Forum was held off site at other venues in Winston-Salem, Inmar asked Holt Experiential to create a special event-within-the-event to be hosted at Inmar’s headquarters in the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter.

Holt designed and installed an all-Inmar mini-trade show, within their yet-to-be up-fitted Innovation Lab space, with five inline vignettes to help bring to life stories about key Inmar vertical markets where shoppers could be engaged by manufacturers and retailers: Home, Promotions, Healthcare, Retail, and Supply Chain. These 10 x 20 and 10 x 30 foot vignettes included custom and modular exhibit elements and were often staged with furniture, prop products, and AV technology to more realistically portray their markets. The space was set up in a sequential path that easily allowed for Inmar’s sales and marketing staff to lead guests through the “shopper journey”.  The culmination of this tour through the vignettes ended at the Office area, the purpose of which was to demonstrate Inmar’s data analytics software platforms.

Holt capped off the room by installing colorful, serpentine LED ceiling lights that added energy and creativity to the space.  The design of these custom light fixtures was meant to simulate “data streams” in Inmar’s three main brand colors.

After the Forum event, the space used for this mini-trade show was turned into the more permanent iteration of Inmar’s Innovation Lab, which Holt designed and installed in 2016.



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Inmar Analytics Forum promotions exhibit with branded custom fabricated reception desk and kiosk with digital touch displays
Inmar Analytics office interior exhibit with custom fabricated tables, touch screen devices, and wall mounted touch displays
Exhibits at Inmar Analytics Forum designed, fabricated and installed by Holt Environments
Inmar Analytics home exhibit with interior environment display with custom cabinet furnishing, wall graphic, and furniture
Inmar Analytics supply chain exhibit with temporary partitions and custom fabricated kiosks with integrated LED lighting
Inmar Analytics retail exhibit with custom fabricated sales kiosk with partition and digital display
Custom healthcare exhibit with customer engagement kiosk, product shelving and displays, and large vinyl graphic backdrop

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