University + Healthcare

Branded Environments for Colleges + Universities

In an increasingly competitive recruiting environment, it is becoming more and more important to create vibrant, informative, and interactive spaces within colleges and universities. Campus welcome centers, visitor centers, student unions, libraries, halls of fame, dining halls, and dormitories all help to inspire future leaders, support sports teams and athletics staff, and recognize generous alumni donors. By designing branded spaces that utilize any or all of the following elements, colleges and universities are able to better attract the best and brightest students that fit their campus culture:

  • supergraphic impact walls
  • user-friendly, self-guided touch screen kiosks
  • campus map touch tables + multi-touch walls
  • tiled LED video walls
  • comfortable, colorful, and flexible furniture
  • logo + mascot scenic elements
  • colorful, logical signage
  • local amenities displays
  • alumni + faculty historical exhibits
  • founders exhibits
  • donor signage systems

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare and hospital spaces can be sterile, intimidating, and puzzling to navigate through. Healthcare administrators are choosing to soften their facilities to shape a more patient-centric experience that promotes healing and well-being. In addition to patient spaces, family waiting rooms and suites are now commonly designed and renovated to create comfortable environments that reduce stress during the visitation experience. Logical and easy to identify wayfinding signage helps patients and families -the customer- to locate the places they need to use within a healthcare interior.

Research + Trials Facilities

Organizations whose missions are tied to developing tomorrow’s medicines and next gen healthcare equipment are also competing for investment and new talent. Designing branded interiors that communicate the missions of these medical research and trials facilities, both clearly and emotionally, aids leadership in attaining critical growth and development goals. Many times, these facilities accommodate outside participants, so human comfort is an important part of the design of these spaces.

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