Panoramic view of custom designed and installed retail displays for lobbies and visitors' centers

Keys to Effective Retail Showroom Interior Design

A retail showroom is the physical manifestation of your brand. In a showroom, all of your research, development, implementation, and marketing intersect to demonstrate the value of your business to current and potential clients. Ultimately, a retail showroom should encourage brand engagement and bolster sales. In this post, you’ll discover there are many keys to an effective retail showroom interior design.      

Lead Visitors on a Journey  

Consumers have shopped dozens, if not hundreds, of retail spaces. To make an impression on your target audience, your retail showroom has to offer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. As you develop your showroom interior design plan, consider the journey you want to take people on when they visit. Group similar products together, create sections that logically flow from one to the other, and spotlight your most popular products from the get-go. A showroom is an opportunity to physically engage with your target buyers. Think outside of the box when it comes to creating a journey that will resonate with these individuals.   

Enticing Entrances

The entrance to your retail showroom is the very first impression you’ll make on potential customers. Visually entice potential buyers with eye-catching product displays, digital signage, and graphics to pique the interest of people passing by. This will attract them to enter your showroom to review your products and speak with your brand representatives.

Research shows that when entering a storefront, shoppers first look to the left then physically move to the right, working their way around in a counter-clockwise pattern. Therefore, you should create a journey that begins on the right side of your showroom. Arrange wide, easy-to-navigate walkways, proper lighting, descriptive signage, and appealing displays to guide individuals through your showroom in a way that aligns with how they would naturally engage with the space.

Invest in Timeless Fixtures

While trendy fixtures, furniture, signage, props, and scenic elements are appealing at the moment, they will look dated as time passes. An effective and long-lasting showroom interior design is built on high quality, eye-catching, branded, and timeless fixtures. Be careful not to get too distracted by flashy options that look current or hip. Due to the potential high demand for in-fashion items, these pieces will not only require a more substantial upfront investment, but they could also require additional costs in the near future as soon as these trends fade. Make sure your fixtures are durable and flexible enough to last for years and easy to augment or reskin with less expensive graphics as retail cycles progress.

Incorporate Purposeful Lighting

Your team has worked so hard to create the products on display within your retail showroom. You will definitely want showroom lighting that highlights these efforts. Opt for lighting that showcases your merchandise beautifully and sets the tone for the overall showroom experience. With so many lighting options available, seek out experts in showroom interior design to make the optimal selection. Setting the right mood in your showroom with incredible lighting will inspire customers to line up.

Keep It Simple

See through your customers’ eyes and consider what type of retail showroom environment will make it easiest for them to make a purchase decision that positively affects your bottom line. With easy-to-understand signage, well-built fixtures, and informative digital touch devices, shoppers are empowered to make purchases. For example, an integrated mobile app that matches them with the right product that they are able to see in-person in your retail showroom makes the shopping journey so simple. There are many methods for presenting clear options to your showroom visitors. Consider the ones that best address the needs of your target audience and work with your retail showroom design consultant on integrating these into the overall concept.

Shopper-Friendly Spaces

All of these tips focus on creating a pleasant shopping experience, so customers purchase more and tell their friends. While this process may seem like magic to some, there is quite a bit of science involved. Part of that science of creating friendly shopping spaces involves utilizing space planning tools. Ask your retail showroom design consultant to use space planning tools to get a thorough look at your new showroom interior design prior to its execution. These preview tools allow you to identify and fix problem areas before customers experience them first-hand. Without the help of experts and space planning tools the chances of ending up with cramped spaces, oversized fixtures, and poor lighting go up significantly.  

Holt Experiential Is Ready To Help Boost Sales With Showrooms

To create and execute an effective showroom interior design concept, an expert showroom design consultant works through a nuanced process that involves researching your brand and industry, discussing your goals, and considering every aspect of the final product. At Holt Experiential, we pride ourselves on innovative, thorough, and sophisticated showroom interior design ideas. Our planning process includes discovery meetings and planning sessions where we use tools such as 3D rendering, 2D wall elevations, and animated fly-throughs to develop the showroom interior design concepts that exceed your goals and expectations.

From there, your dedicated retail showroom design consultant offers recommendations for flooring, paint, and lighting that will perfectly match the environmental graphic design and signage concepts our branding professionals create for you. Finally, our expert craftsmen handle the final installation of your showroom pieces, setting in place customized fixtures, displays, and showroom furniture, all of which can be hand built in our facility.  

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